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Kinsel Motors sells 4 stores, The Khoury Group acquires Don Elliott Autoworld

Dealership mergers and acquisitions have remained remarkably active so far this year, even in the face of substantial economic challenges that gained steam in the latter half of 2022. Dealers are actively pursuing new paths in droves, whether exiting the market or expanding their operations. This heightened buy/sell activity reflects the industry’s resilience and dealers’ eagerness to embrace fresh opportunities. Here’s a closer look at four notable M&A deals that closed successfully this spring. 

Kinsel Motors sells four franchises in Texas

Kerrigan Advisors announced on May 2 that it had advised Kinsel Motors in the sale of the Kinsel Toyota and Kinsel Ford, Lincoln, and Mazda dealerships to Doggett Automotive Group (“Doggett”). Kerrigan Advisors Managing Director, Erin Kerrigan, noted that Kinsel Motors’s success “drove tremendous buyer demand, with Doggett ultimately being the best match for the family.” Kinsel Motors President Craig Kinsel praised Kerrigan Advisors for making the process “smooth” and added, “The secret to [Kinsel’s] success is no secret — it has always been the people who come to work every day and provide stellar customer service.” With the latest sales, Kerrigan Advisors remains one of the most active sell-side advisors for major automotive dealership transactions.

Doggett has already won several prominent awards for the Houston-based Landmark Ford dealership it purchased in 2018. Speaking about the latest transactions, Doggett’s President and Chief Operating Officer, William Doggett, said his group is a “huge believer in the future of Ford given the current Ford strategy.” He added that Doggett is “extremely excited to be [a Toyota] dealer” and will “give Toyota automotive customers the same great service [Doggett has] provided industrial customers over the past 30 years.” Doggett’s Vice President and General Manager, Jason Mosley, said Doggett “expects these Ford, Lincoln, and Mazda stores to add over $200 million in sales volume to Doggett’s growing enterprise within 18 months.”

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