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May 4, 2017 - Colorado Auto Dealers Association Economic Forecast Dinner

Ryan Kerrigan will be speaking at the second annual Economic Forecast Dinner hosted by the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association.

Ryan Kerrigan will provide a national buy/sell market overview and dealership valuation update, recapping 2016’s transaction activity and highlighting key trends for 2017. With the public companies returning to the market in 2017, and continued strong demand from private consolidators, there is strong optimism for a very robust 2017 transaction marketplace. The presentation will include discussion of rising interest rates, and its impact on the buy/sell market, changes in demand for various franchises, the impact of the Trump administration on the auto retail market, and the continued interest of outside capital in auto retail. Attendees will take away insights on that is driving franchise valuations, the impact of increasing interest rates and https://alldaypill.com/tramadol/ new types of capital partnerships being proposed.

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