Kerrigan Advisors is uniquely positioned to assist private equity firms and family offices evaluating the auto retail industry. With a unique background combining private equity and investment banking with retail automotive experience, we understand the drivers and motivations of private equity firms as well as auto dealers, and can guide private equity into the massive, enticing world of auto retail.

For professional capital seeking better understanding of auto retail, or firms that are ready to deploy capital, we offer:

  • Strategic and operational review of investment theses
  • Assessment of prospective acquisitions
  • Risk management/ mitigation assessment
  • Relationships with strong dealer-operator candidates seeking capital
  • KA Buyer Database that tracks acquisition criteria, which we can then link to sell-side mandates

Latest Analysis

Warren Buffet – The Face of the Future Car Dealer

automotive-newsThe automotive retail industry has been abuzz in recent weeks after the announcement of Warren Buffett’s acquisition of the Van Tuyl Group, and the creation of Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Group. This acquisition has the industry talking about private equity and other types of outside capital seeking dealership acquisitions. Read More

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