JD Power 2024 Automotive Summit

February 1, 2024
Las Vegas

Is operational scale critical to future success in auto retail?

Since the inception of public auto retailers, many of the largest groups sought to enhance profitability by adding dealerships, believing the more stores they owned, the more profitable they would be. While economies of scale have achieved a modicum of margin improvement for the largest groups, the benefits of a high dealership count have proven relatively elusive. The question on many dealers' minds is, "Will this change with the evolution of auto retail and technology?" This panel of leading dealers will address this question and share their views on today's economies of scale and future opportunities to enhance enterprise-level retail profitability. Will size determine success in the future? We will see.

Rita Case - President & CEO, Rick Case Automotive Group
Damian Mills - CEO & Owner, Mills Automotive Group
Joe Serra - Chairman, Serra Automotive
Howard Tenenbaum - Partner, Keyes Motors Inc.
MODERATED BY: Erin Kerrigan - Founder, Kerrigan Advisors

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