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Client Testimonials Every Kerrigan Advisors Client is a Referenceable Client

We Appreciate Our Clients

Kerrigan Advisors is honored to have represented and advised our clients on some of their most important business decisions. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional and professional services to auto dealers across the US and Canada.

"Over the years, we’ve grown to 32 dealerships in four states, and we are proud and thankful for the hard work of our employees and the support of the communities we serve. We are pleased to sell these stores to one of the strongest VW and Volvo dealers in the country, and we appreciate the professionalism and hard work of Kerrigan Advisors that ensured that this transaction got done."

John Fields

CEO of Fields Automotive Group

"Fields Automotive Group has built its legacy on providing superior customer service to the communities in which we operate. That’s what Kerrigan Advisors did for us, in representing our sale: they anticipated and acted on our needs and provided smart and strategic counsel, all while making the process seamless and smooth."

Shermin Pelinski

General Counsel of Fields Automotive Group

"Kerrigan Advisors’ deep insights into the current buy-sell market, their expertise selling Lexus franchises, and their attention to how this decision factored into our company’s long term business goals, gave us peace of mind as they shepherded us through a successful sale process."


Lexus of Sacramento and Lexus of Roseville

"The wisdom, business acuity and sensitivity that Kerrigan Advisors displayed in previous Honda dealership transactions convinced me that they were the right partners for us. And we were not wrong. The Kerrigan Advisors team did an excellent job representing the dealership in a successful sale. I could not be more pleased."

Bill Barnes

Partner of Altoona Honda

"I sell and service vehicles. I don’t sell dealerships. Kerrigan Advisors has specialists for every part of a complicated transaction. They ensure the numbers and details of the deal are perfect for a smooth close. I highly recommend them as the premier dealership advisory firm in the country."

Billy Fuccillo Jr.

Seller of Fuccillo Nissan of Orange Park

"I’d like to thank Kerrigan Advisors for doing an exceptional job managing a competitive national sale process on our behalf, ultimately leading to our successful sale to Fields Automotive, another Chicago-based, family-owned group. We also could not be more impressed with the professionalism and diligence of Kerrigan Advisors."

Joe Bredemann

Co-Owner of Bredemann Lexus

"When it was time to sell, we needed an advisor who could discreetly and accurately represent the opportunity. Kerrigan Advisors has such deep experience representing Honda franchises, and they were able to successfully represent our interests and maximize the value of our business. My partners and I have operated many dealerships over the last 30 years. This has been among the smoothest transactions we have been party to, which would not have been possible without Kerrigan Advisors."

Steve Nelson

Owner of El Monte Honda

"We’re thankful to Kerrigan Advisors for their expert representation during the sale. Their assistance was instrumental. In fact, we originally tried to sell the dealership without their guidance – but quickly realized that was a mistake. Their expertise in representing dealers is without question. They do far more than operate as brokers. They really manage the sale process every step of the way."

Mike Peebles

Owner of Longmont Ford

"Kerrigan Advisors’ team was invaluable to our once-in-a-lifetime sale."

Steve Bloomer

Former Owner of Village Automotive Group, Lexus of Wayzata, Lexus of Maplewood and Village Chevrolet

"Kerrigan Advisors was invaluable to us in the sale of our dealerships. Mercedes Hendricks and Marie Brashears of Kerrigan Advisors were particularly helpful in preparing us for sale and managing the due diligence process. We are very grateful for all their hard work in making this sale a success."

Steve Bennett

Vice President, COO and Partner of Village Automotive Group

"I’d like to thank Kerrigan Advisors for smoothly guiding us through this process, with such a high level of professionalism – they truly understand everything a seller goes through and offered sensitivity, a keen understanding of the current (and future) automotive landscape and support every step of the way."

Matthew Phillips

CEO of Car Pros Automotive Group, Seller of Car Pros Carson Kia (#1 Volume Kia Dealership in the US)

"Erin Kerrigan did an excellent job of finding us the perfect buyer and keeping me calm and focused through an emotionally difficult and life altering experience. Her tireless work to match appropriate buyer and seller is something every seller contemplating the sale of such an important asset should take advantage of."

Dave Jachter

Seller of Wilsonville Subaru (#19 in the US for 2017 New Unit Sales) and Toyota (#2 in the Northwest for 2017 New Unit Sales)

"Gary and I have had a tremendous experience working with the Kerrigan Advisors team throughout this transaction. It was a very heartfelt and bittersweet decision for Gary and me to ultimately decide to sell our dealerships in Illinois after so many years and such a long standing, very strong and treasured family legacy. Once we decided to sell, we needed to ensure we chose an advisor group and, ultimately a purchaser, who was aligned with our priorities of providing employees security, continuity of our community relationships, and our focus on the customer experience. With Kerrigan Advisors’ guidance and expertise, we were able to find such a group."

Caroline Grossinger

Co-President of Grossinger Auto Group, 95th Largest Dealership Group

"We needed sell-side advisors who could manage the complexities of a large, legacy dealership group like ours. We chose Kerrigan Advisors because they have more experience than any other firm representing the largest dealership groups in our industry and we valued their insight and tremendous buy/sell experience."

Gary Grossinger

Co-President of Grossinger Auto Group, 95th Largest Dealership Group

"Heading into this transaction, it was critical that our sell-side advisors understand our business, its value and opportunities. When a family sells a dealership after 70-plus years of ownership, it brings with it a set of unique complexities and challenges. Our sale advisors had to know how to navigate through it. That’s why we chose Kerrigan Advisors. They have deep experience and expertise in terms of representing legacy dealerships."

Gary Campbell

Co-Owner of Puente Hills Chevrolet

"When we were deciding on our sell-side advisor, we were looking for a firm familiar with marketing a group of well-established, urban auto dealerships. We chose Kerrigan Advisors, because we felt Erin and Ryan Kerrigan would provide us with individualized attention and guidance while at the same time allow us to give our input in order to successfully sell our family’s dealerships."

Diane Shammas

Owner of Downtown LA Auto Group, 55th Largest Dealership Group

"The team at Kerrigan Advisors did an exceptional job managing the sale of our group. From the initial sales presentation through negotiations and the closing, Kerrigan Advisors was key to the success of this transaction."

Carole Shammas

Owner of Downtown LA Auto Group, 55th Largest Dealership Group

"Our sale process was a great success thanks to Kerrigan Advisors."

Darryl Holter

Former CNCDA Chairman, CEO of the Shammas Group, Former Owner of Downtown LA Auto Group, 55th Largest Dealership Group

"For a transaction as important as this, it’s been invaluable having Kerrigan Advisors’ expertise to guide us to this important outcome for our family. Ryan’s unique experience, insight and service – especially when it came to the real estate and environmental complexities of the transaction – made this deal come together."

Don Robertson

Owner of Honda of Hollywood

"With such a complex transaction and information so sensitive, we only wanted to make one call."

Ed Tonkin

2010 NADA Chairman, Former Co-President of Tonkin Family of Dealerships, 88th Largest Dealership Group

"Kerrigan Advisors was instrumental to the sale process."

Brad Tonkin

Co-President of the Tonkin Family of Dealerships, 88th Largest Dealership Group

"Kerrigan Advisors smoothly guided us to this very successful outcome, offering just the right combination of expertise, responsiveness and client service to shepherd the process to its optimal conclusion. We appreciated having Kerrigan Advisors by our side throughout the sale."

Jim Chalfant

Co-Owner of Edmark Superstore (Largest Dealership in Idaho)

"We are grateful to Kerrigan Advisors for identifying Kendall as the best buyer of our stores."

David Edmark

Co-Owner of Edmark Superstore (Largest Dealership in Idaho)

"We could not have completed this sale without the guidance and expertise of Kerrigan Advisors."

Enessa Carbone

Chief Executive Officer of Carbone Auto Group, 94th Largest Dealership Group

"After 80 years and three generations in the auto retail business, we embarked on the sale of our dealership with the goal of finding the right buyer. After careful evaluation, we chose Kerrigan Advisors to guide us in the sale process. We knew this would be a challenging transaction, given our downtown metro location and a difficult, expensive real estate challenge to be solved. Erin Kerrigan and her team were fabulous in leading the process to a successful conclusion."

John Boas

Former Owner of San Francisco Honda

"Having Kerrigan Advisors as a partner gave me the confidence to move forward with the sale."

Patti Swope

Former Owner of Sam Swope Auto Group, 89th Largest Dealership Group

"Working with Kerrigan Advisors got us top dollar for our dealerships and property. Their expertise in handling the negotiations of the transaction was critical to us maximizing our deal."

Bob Lanphere

Former Owner of Lanphere Auto Group, Renton Honda and Renton Kia

"Kerrigan Advisors, utilizing their industry connections and negotiating skills, was able to bring us buyers that had the means to close the deal and maximize the blue sky of both the dealership franchise and its property. A winning combination! Deal structure was critical to the success of closing our deal. Kerrigan Advisors and their team insured the deal structure was solid and we closed two deals sequentially with two different buyers in two days."

Robb Walther

CFO of Lanphere Auto Group

"When I decided to sell my Mercedes-Benz Dealership in Canada, I knew I needed help from a professional, well connected advisor. I wanted an advisor who could expose my business to qualified purchasers in both Canada and the United States. Kerrigan Advisors is “The Authority” on dealership values, works only for sellers, and has access to all of the major private and public automotive groups. Erin Kerrigan provided me with a highly professional, effective and dignified sale process. From presentation, to analyzing multiple offers from both sides of the border, to closing, Erin protected my interests and advised me through what could have been a very stressful process. We sold to a purchaser that was the right fit for my employees and my family. I heartily recommend Kerrigan Advisors if you are considering a sale of your dealership, particularly if you expect and appreciate first rate professional advice and excellent value, with a high degree of confidentiality."

David Morris

Owner of David Morris Fine Cars

"Kerrigan Advisors did an exceptional job selling our dealership.  Erin Kerrigan led a highly effective and confidential sale process that resulted in an outstanding outcome.  I highly recommend her for her integrity, client commitment and professionalism.  In my opinion, Kerrigan Advisors is the best representative a dealer could have!"

Johnny Harrison

Former Owner of Lexus of Glendale

"In today’s active buy/sell market, we appreciated having the experience and insight of Kerrigan Advisors who ensured that we not only found the best possible buyer, but also shepherded us through a smooth and mutually beneficial transaction. I can’t say enough about Erin Kerrigan’s professionalism, hard work, transaction support, and ability to manage the sale process."

Denice Fladeboe Mock

Dealer Principal of Fladeboe Automotive Group

"Erin Kerrigan successfully quarterbacked the sale of our dealership from beginning to end. Her sales process was professional, efficient and effective. With her management and leadership, we got strong offers, negotiated an attractive price and in a very short period of time – the whole sales process was just 3 months! Our family strongly recommend Erin to any dealer who is considering a sale. You would be in very good hands."

DJ Heller

Former Owner of Heller Ford Hyundai, Escondido, CA

"Erin is a highly effective professional with a keen insight into the automotive industry. Her strong analytical skills coupled with her transaction experience were instrumental in the sale of our dealership. She continues to be a valuable resource into the buy/sell market."

Edward Feldman

Former Owner of Mercedes-Benz of Brooklyn

"NAMAD is proud to be affiliated with Kerrigan Advisors and Erin Kerrigan. Erin has been an excellent thought partner in developing unique ways to further our goal of increasing the number of minority-owned dealerships. Her industry insight and knowledge of the buy/sell market are unsurpassed in our view. She understands the capital markets and is thinking ahead of new ways to finance dealership acquisition."

Damon Lester

President of National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers

"Erin and Ryan Kerrigan have positioned their company, Kerrigan Advisors, as the premier dealership buy/sell authority in the country. With that in mind the Texas Automobile Dealers Association requested their participation as an industry keynote speaker at our 100th Anniversary Convention in April 2016. Erin Kerrigan’s presentation was the highlight of the general session with her deep dive into the value of today’s franchised dealerships and the future outlook for dealership buy sells. No firm has more knowledge of the marketplace for dealerships and the data upon which both buyers and sellers can make informed decisions. Every major automotive forum in the country has asked Erin and Ryan to present at their events and Kerrigan Advisors industry analyses, including The Blue Sky Report®, have become a standard for the industry. With the investment dollars that are at stake and the unique dynamics of the dealership marketplace, the industry is fortunate to have a company like Kerrigan advisors that can provide current, expert consultation for those looking to buy or sell franchised new car and truck dealerships."

Bill Wolters

Texas Automobile Dealers Association, President

"Erin Kerrigan is nothing but professional in her industry interactions and communication. Her level of client service during the sale process is unique in the industry. If you are considering the sale of your dealership, I believe you would be well served to hire her firm to represent you."

Alton G. Burkhalter

Founding Partner of Burkhalter Kessler Goodman & George

"Erin is a consummate professional in representing her clients. She knows how to structure transactions and get deals done. I would not hesitate to recommend Erin to any dealer seeking a successful exit."

Greg Kaminsky

Owner of Toyota of El Cajon

"Erin Kerrigan’s insight and analysis of the dealership buy/sell market is distinct in the auto retail industry. I always enjoy speaking with her, because I learn something new. She has a breadth of transaction experience and I am confident she brings her experience and knowledge to her client service."

Ronnie Lott

Owner of Tracy Toyota

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