Investing in the Auto Retail Industry

Advising professional investors, family offices and experienced operators in their investment in auto retail.

Investor Services

Auto retail represents a significant industry largely untapped by professional capital, a byproduct of the OEMs’ barriers to entry. Multiple investor-backed new entrants have successfully penetrated this fragmented market, and deployed over $2 billion, demonstrating the lucrative opportunity available to those able to gain a point of entry, and participate in the industry’s long-term consolidation.

Kerrigan Advisors, the leading sell-side advisory firm in the sector, is uniquely positioned to guide investors seeking to enter the auto retail market. Our team of trained professionals includes MBAs, CPAs and CFAs that uniquely link deep knowledge of auto retail with experience in investment banking and private equity. We efficiently address the paths and obstacles to private capital investment in this massive industry. We advise professional investors, family offices and experienced operators on strategies for successfully investing in the auto retail industry.

Services include:

  • Strategic point of entry analysis
  • Acquisition criteria development
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Business and legal terms assessment (Letters of Intent and Definitive Agreements)
  • Return on investment and valuation analysis
  • Buy-side due diligence
  • Financial forecasts
  • Real estate assessment

Sample of Client Engagements

Advise family offices seeking to decode the auto retail industry, prioritize their search parameters and evaluate proven industry operators.

Lead buy-side due diligence for family offices and investors evaluating the acquisition of individual dealerships and dealership groups nationwide.

Support strategy development and transaction evaluation for experienced industry executives seeking to create a new dealership group.

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