We are pleased to continue our coverage on the best public market data available to those involved in the auto retail industry. While the auto retail industry remains highly fragmented and is influenced by thousands of small and mid-sized private companies, the seven publicly-traded auto retail stocks provide a special insight into the dynamics affecting auto retail. These stocks are “marked to market” every business day with the cumulative data and wisdom available to those investing. For the vast majority of auto dealers who will only come to market one time and discover the true value of their dealership, there is value in understanding the drivers that influence the valuations of these public companies.

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The Kerrigan Index™ is composed of the seven publicly traded auto retail companies with operations focused on the US market. The purpose is to track this group of companies to identify and assess the drivers impacting changes in their valuations, with implications for both public and private auto retailers.

The Kerrigan Index™ is weighted by the market capitalization of each company and benchmarked at 100 on 1/3/2000.