What Does 2024 Hold for Dealer Valuations?

December 13, 2023

Joining us on The Walk Around podcast is an expert at one of the top sell-side advising firms in the nation. With her years of experience in the automotive industry and the success of her company, Kerrigan Advisors, Erin Kerrigan has a unique viewpoint on the market concerning retail and dealer sentiment. She discusses one of the looming questions on the minds of dealers as this year ends - just what will 2024 be like for the automotive industry and the economy? Predicting these trends is no easy feat, so we look to the data to help us prepare. Prepare for an exciting and detailed conversation!

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • What does 2024 hold for dealer valuations?
  • What is the timeline for normalizing? What is the new normal?
  • Is the presence of EVs and government regulations deterring dealership buyers?
  • The Trust Index and how it relates to franchise values
  • OEM survey results – can you guess any of their responses?
  • What led Erin to entrepreneurism and her advice for building your brand  

Erin Kerrigan is the Managing Director of Kerrigan Advisors, a firm she founded in 2014. Kerrigan Advisors is the leading sell-side advisor and thought partner to automotive dealers in the US. They have sold over 225 dealerships since their founding, including more of the Top 150 Dealership Groups than any other firm, representing over $7 billion in client sales proceeds. In addition to sell-side advisory services, Kerrigan Advisors provides consulting services to dealers looking to increase the value of their business and investors looking to deploy capital in the auto retail industry.

Erin is a recognized industry expert on dealership buy/sells, valuation, real estate and private equity, and is a frequent speaker at leading auto retail events and conferences. She is also the lead author of The Blue Sky Report, the industry’s leading buy/sell report.

For more about Erin, visit her LinkedIn.

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